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Pietraporzia Nursery, Frascati, Rome

designers: Giovanni Fumagalli, Giuseppe Serrao, Franco Masotti
client: Comune di Frascati RM
project: 2004-2006
construction: 2007-2009
lot surface area: 3,250 m2
covered surface area: 900 m2

The new nursery of Frascati is a stage in the research on spaces dedicated to children that has been conducted since 2000. It is the first project built after the completion of the study conducted for the Tuscany Region and published as Guide for the Design of early childhood educational care facilities.
The entire building is designed to be an educational tool. The construction materials and elements create a welcoming environment that abounds in child-oriented opportunities.
All of the main spaces are arranged around a patio that opens out towards the garden. The three sections face southwards onto a loggia that screens the sun and protects from the rain.
The heart of the nursery is a small yard that comes off from the patio. Part of it is higher than the rest that is lowered by a gallery where the only room of the second floor is located. The yard allows access to three workshops fitted out for drawing, painting, hands-on and theatre activities.
The garden is landscaped with natural elements, surfaces and pathways designed to offer occasions for discovery and play.
The Pietraporzia nursery was selected for the INARCH RomArchitettura 2010 prize and published in many books and magazines such as Casabella 810, Edilizia Popolare 284-285, AR 92, just to mention a few.