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Urban Playground, Guimaraes, Portugal

designers: Anastasiya Khranovska, Giovanni Fumagalli, Lorenzo Caporro, Chiara Visone
contracting authority: Guimaraes CEC 2012
project: 2012

Ideas competition Performance Architecture

The project was a contestant in the competition launched on the occasion of the Guimaraes 2012 European Capital of Culture.
The proposal was to utilize as public space the surface of the vats of the old Couros tanneries, a truly inspiring and materic location close to the city’s downtown area.
Simple wooden elements are placed over the granite basins: footboards, trellises and lanterns. The footboards turn the basins into floor area. The trellises offer seating at various heights. The lanterns are lightweight and mobile volumes that provide lighting at night and shade during the day.
The result is an unusual urban playground. A dedicated area, without forced design, open to unusual uses. A playground for playing games and for expression, music, recitation.
The project did not win the competition, but a few months later the municipality opened the area with the vats and created structures similar to those indicated in the proposal.