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Spazzolino Nursery, Anacapri, Naples

designers: Giovanni Fumagalli, Lorenzo Caporro
client: Prisma cooperativa sociale
project: 2012
construction: 2012

The ‘Spazzolino’ nursery of Anacapri is one of a series of projects for the Prisma cooperative of Meta. The aim of this cooperation is to create quality services in Southern Italy that may contribute in disseminating and promoting the culture of childcare services.
Spazzolino is the first nursery of the Island of Capri. It occupies the ground floor of a building located on the main square. The rooms and the courtyard are built in the typical architecture of the area.
The furnishings are simple, without any of the images stereotypically related to the world of children.
Nested rooms, natural stone walls, a walled-in courtyard that resembles an open-ceiling room, windows that look out onto the mountain at the centre of the island, create a cosy environment ideal for relating with children as they live their daily daycare experience.