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Municipal Multipurpose Center, Falerna, Catanzaro

designers: Giovanni Fumagalli, Giuseppe Serrao, Franco Masotti
client: Comune di Falerna
project: 1999-2003
construction: 2001-2004

The project is closely linked to the location’s orography that features a steep inclination of land and a beautiful view of the countryside and of the sea. The buildings are low and partially underground so as to leave the horizon clear as seen from the road. They form terraces connected by a stairway that crosses the area.
The larger of the two buildings is the Auditorium that can host up to 150 people and consists of the entrance, of offices and of the meeting hall. The roofs host a small open-air theatre and a panoramic terrace.
The pedestrian walkways, created after the complex was finished, connect the provincial road to the historical centre of Castiglione Marittima, with view points looking out to sea along the way.