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Expansion of the Liceo Ariosto Upper Secondary School, Ferrara

designers: Giovanni Fumagalli, Carlo Melograni, Franco Masotti, Giuseppe Serrao
client: Provincia di Ferrara
project: 1998
construction: 1999-2001
total surface area: 1,750 m2

The building expands the upper secondary school built in the 1970’s by Melograni, Giura Longo and Martines. It contains 12 new classrooms and a library that is used also for extra-curricular activities.
The new addition closes in the school campus along the street, via Arianuova. The school is located downtown, just one block away from the historical Palazzo dei Diamanti.
The design proposes common spaces, in a building with very close constraints, which are similar to those of the pre-existing structure. This is where the open spaces used freely and informally by students and teachers cluster around the staircase that opens the volume out onto the street via the wide corridors, the large landings and the glazed bow-windows.
For many years now, institutional surveys mark the Ariosto as one of the best upper secondary schools in Italy.