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Manual Waste Sorting Platform, Isla Margarita, Venezuela

designers: Giovanni Fumagalli, Giuseppe Serrao
client: Sorain Cecchini Tecno
project: 2006-2007
construction: 2008

The platform is located inside a bio-mechanical waste treatment plant. It shelters the work of men and women who previously found sustenance in clandestinely scavenging the landfill that once occupied the area.
In the new plant, 40 workers sort the waste material as it advances on a conveyor belt. The design of this structure intended to restore dignity to the work of dozens of people employed for the first time in an organized activity.
A large metal screen on the front marks the position of the platform while also acting as windbreaker, and contains the short tour walkway that looks out onto the plant. All of the elements of the platform – ceiling, stairs, hanging walkways, railings and screens – have been workshop prefabricated, transported in containers and assembled on site.